• I was facing my third DUI in four years. I was sure I was going to jail for a long time. I hired Jon and he found flaws in the police conduct that led to the case being dismissed. He saved my job, my family and almost my life
  • Terry Allen is one of the best trial attorneys I have every met. I used to go watch him in the courtroom when I was a young lawyer to learn how to speak to a jury. He is a fierce advocate for justice, and he is a class act as a person!

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Celebrity Spouse Charged in Encinitas DUI
Richard Dreyfuss has had his problems with substance abuse. According to the Oscar-winning actor, he cleaned up his act long ago, after, he says, he blacked out behind the wheel and wrapped his car ar...
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NFL Viewed as Soft on Domestic Violence
The disciplinary policies of the National Football League have been the subject of much controversy lately. Seemingly, the penalties imposed by the league for everything from drug use to DUI are appar...
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La Jolla Restaurant Bookkeeper Convicted of Embezzling Millions
When we hear or read news stories about crimes being committed, the stories, more often than not, concern street crimes – assaults, drug possession and sale, and violent crimes ranging from sex offens...
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